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The Seattle Times

by Carol Pucci travel writer

Today, I learned

All over Northern and Central India, Indians are celebrating Dawali, the start of the Hindu new year and the most important festival of the year. But here in Kerala, it’s just another day.

Hindus are about 80 percent of India’s population, but in Kerala, only about 60 percent are Hindu. The rest are Christian, mainly Roman Catholic; and Muslim.

Catholic churches and schools are everywhere, most of the time occupying the biggest, and most nicely-painted buildings. I saw a boat today that had a sign that said “The Power of Prayer,” and our taxi driver keeps a St. Francis statue on his dashboard along and a rosary hung from the mirror.

While taking a walk in a village in the backwaters the other evening, I heard Indian music. It was coming from a Roman Catholic church called St. Pius. Rubber-flips flops were piled on the steps outside, and inside, Indian men and women were sitting on the floor under a bank of ceiling fans.

Indians love bright colors and lights, so the Catholic churches go along. Surrounding a statue of St. Pius was a row of blinking lights.

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Note: The Toddy man mentioned in above article is no longer available at the homestay.   The Breakfast / Dinner with Prawn Farmers still you can experience and is authentic.