Kerala Backwaters – Homestay Holiday reviewed by Jonathan Green, UK

1479123_10152077698168784_1132798707_nI had high expectations, based on previously exceptional holidays with Responsible Travel, though this exceeded every one. The itinerary was perfect, and once we were there, everything flowed flawlessly and we were made to feel that the whole experience was very tailored and personal. The accommodation, the food, the people… all fantastic. Even when things had to be changed, there was no stress. In our case, a general strike meant we had to be whisked out of our final homestay in the small hours of the morning to avoid being stranded, with Jos kindly putting us up again for the final day.

If we had travelled independently, we would likely have missed our flight. If we had travelled with a large company, we would probably have been dumped at the airport 12 hours early. In this case, we felt we had all the benefits of independent travel (flexibility, time etc.) with the knowledge that Jos was looking after us and would take care of us come what may – Jonathan & Heather

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